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Adult Payment Gateways

Are you looking for a banking solution or a payment gateway provider that is friendly towards the erotic entertainment industry? If so you have landed on the right page! We specialize in processing credit cards for merchants, businesses, vendors that are in the XXX pornography industry. We can help to get set up, get your e-commerce website set up to take payments from your customers. We can help you process payments even if you are having difficulty finding a bank that is friendly toward your industry. Sexually explicit material and adult products are perfectly legal under the First Amendment. Even though this may be the case many banks will refuse to help a company or website that is geared towards the erotic entertainment industry. This is unfortunate as these business owners, small business owners are running perfectly legit, legal enterprises but are still shunned by banks willing to process Visa & Mastercard from their clientele.

Adult Retailers

Are you a adult products retailer, retail establishment that is looking to get set up to take payments, process credit cards from your customers in your store? Are you a new business just getting started you have your inventory set up and now need a banking relationship that is friendly towards adult novelty retailers? If you are a sex toy, novelty sex shop you may find a difficulty in getting set up to process credit and debit cards from your customers. If so you have come to the right place our company specializes in helping companies like yours, small businesses, get set up to accept credit cards at their retail establishments. We can also offer better rates than your current provider. If your provider is no longer processing your industry that's where we have solutions for you.

Phone Sex

If you are a new or established phone operator offering sensual and erotic services over the phone, you know how difficult it can be to find a payment provider willing to underwrite and approve your type of business model. Most companies and processors shy away from your type of industry.  Perhaps you offer clients to purchase "tokens" that can then be used for erotic entertainment through your website or over the phone. Or you may have a cam service where you are providing sensually explicit materials.  Fortunately we do approve of your type of business and we can have your merchant processor approve of your business model as well. If you have been shut down by Square, Paypal or some other processor and are looking for an alternative,

Dating Companies

These include matchmaking services online and personal companies that set up relationships between two consenting adults. Dating sites frequently work on a recurring billing cycle where the customer is charged monthly for access to the matchmaking database. We can help different themes, niche markets such as straight, gay lesbian, BDSM friendly, virtually any type of dating service. So long as you keep chargebacks down we can probably help. We also have solutions for European-based companies such as those in England France Germany Russia Spain Italy Sweden Norway Finland Ireland Poland, all euro EU based companies, we typically have solutions for. We work with euro EU based companies frequently and have merchant banks that are willing to process businesses based in these countries.

Escort Solutions

This is another service provider we can help. Judges have ruled that escort services are perfectly legal provider that no sex is exchange for payment. Many adults are just seeking companionship with beautiful women and are not necessarily looking for sexual relationships. And some states like Nevada, escorts and prostitution are licensed and perfectly legal. We can assist you with getting set up with credit card processing for your escort agency. Even if you have been turned down by other banks we can help. We also have mobile solutions to swipe a credit card through an iPhone, iPad or android device so that your escorts can take payments virtually anywhere. Work with the company,a small business that is friendly towards your escort company.

Porn Sites

Pornography sites are a very broad-based term that encompasses many types of websites they include subscription models where visitors pay a membership to see videos or content, they can also include sex toy shops, adult video retail stores, and a wide variety of pornographic explicit sexual materials. We work with several payment gateway providers and have solutions that are specifically tailored towards the adult website XXX industry. Don't feel depressed if your bank declined or denied your merchant account application. We can assist you with getting set up to process credit cards on your e-commerce website business.

Global Provider

We can help your small business for both USA-based companies and now we offer EU/European services for high risk companies based in Europe such as UK, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Germany, Denmark, Greece, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, Norway, Sweden, Ukraine, Lithuania, Finland, Iceland,Poland, Lithuania and more. We can help xxx businesses with billing services and payment processing needs. If you are looking to secure a reliable merchant account credit card company and you are located in one of these regions or countries we can assist you with your set up and processing needs. Simply call us or email us. We also can help you via Skype and discuss your business model through Skype.




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