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Vitamins & Supplements

Are you a new or an established business, that is looking for credit card processing provider that is friendly towards the herbal products and dietary supplements industry? Unfortunately, many banks classify these type of product as high risk even though in many cases they are generally safe and popular and are routinely sold in health food stores and vitamin retailers. Despite the fact of the popularity of dietary vitamins and minerals, herbal solutions, fat loss herbal products, many merchant account processing companies not want to handle and approve these type of businesses. That's where a company like ours, then comes in and matches you up with the right bank. We are experts in high risk merchant processing services, since 2006 we have helped thousands of merchant get set up to process Visa and MasterCard on their Internet e-commerce shopping cart system. Internet retailers know how vital it is to secure a stable bank willing to underwrite and be friendly towards their business needs. There are also companies that offer rebilling services where a customer is given a trial, then ship the products each month to the customer to replenish their previous orders. Many banks, shy away from the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industry and will not process credit card for your customers. There are also issues with chargeback and potential liability problem for processing these industries.

Industries We Support:

  • Continuity Membership Programs

  • Male Stamina Enhancement

  • Libido Boosters

  • Herbal Viagra

  • Free Trials

  • Online Diet Programs

  • Vitamins Minerals and Supplements

  • Teeth Whitening

  • Powdered Drinks Energy Bars

  • Hair Loss Product

  • Rapid Fat Loss Product

  • Coffee and Green Tea Extract

  • Meal Replacement Bars and Shakes

Rates will vary from merchant to merchant and business-to-business. There is no set rates that any merchant can expect until going through the underwriting process and determining business model, volume, possible reserves, and are they an online Internet business or a brick-and-mortar retailer establishment. However, or e-commerce shopping carts, an Internet merchant account, the rates will be typically in a 2 to 4% range. Or a retail establishment, an offline small business, their rates. . Merchant account rates therefore need to be evaluated and cannot be known in advance. Be wary of other banks promising you low rates, only to find yourself cut off or denied/decline a few weeks later with no processor now, and your former processor holding your funds. To get started, to apply for a high risk merchant account, please contact us by phone or use our contact us form. A knowledgeable agent who understands how payment processing work will assist you in getting your application approved,

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