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Merchant Solutions United States Companies

Fortunately, we offer merchant account solutions for high-risk businesses that are located in countries throughout Europe. Not only do we specialize in USA-based companies but we offer global solutions for companies around the globe. We have a merchant bank relationship specifically geared towards EU clients. The same type of industries we support in the United States such as adult companies, travel businesses, European tour operators, vacation and travel companies that offer travel services, tobacco companies, website and Internet marketing businesses, e-commerce businesses, dating services, collection and credit repair companies, we support these type of businesses in countries such as UK, Ireland, Spain France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Portugal, we can place your high risk Internet merchant account at a bank that is friendly toward your industries. Just like the domestic companies in the US have difficulties finding banks willing to process credit cards for them, you may also find your self in the same difficult situation of finding a payment provider that is friendly to your industry.

Solutions for Your High Risk Credit Card Business

Chances are if you landed on this page you are seeking out a solution to process credit cards on your website or retail establishment. There are few banks willing to process credit card transactions for those in certain types of industries. Like your USA counterparts you too may find it difficult to find a bank willing to process certain types of businesses. Even know they may be perfectly legal in your country you still may find it hard to find a credit card processor to assist you with payment billing processes. Fortunately there are solutions we can offer for your EU-based company. It's a relatively simple process it will require documentation about your company to be submitted to the bank. The bank will review your documentation and will accept or deny your account. Like your USA businesses, rates for credit card processing will be determined based on your business type. Rates will be competitive and will be transactional in nature a portion of the customers payment is given towards the bank for processing and accepting transactions for credit cards.

Types of Business We Support, Canada & US Dollar

We support a wide variety of industries of high-risk industries, frequently many companies fall into this category they can include: travel agencies, adult pornographic websites, escort services, tobacco related businesses, collection and debt repair, and in Europe we can also support gaming and gambling companies that are legal in EU but are currently not acceptable in the United States. If you have been declined or denied by your bank we probably can provide an alternative solution for you. Also many businesses that PayPal does not support or process for we can provide solutions to you. So if PayPal is no longer willing to process your business model we can probably offer a solution to your business. If you are a new business or established one we can assist you with getting set up with high risk credit card processing services. If your clients are based in the United States or are based in Europe it will not matter that much. We have local banks in the UK and throughout Europe that we work with that will process your payment and billing needs. So if you are based in any of these countries: UK, Ireland, Spain France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Belgium, Poland, Portugal, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Netherlands, England, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece we have merchant account solutions for you!





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