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It is unfortunate for many business owners to find them in a situation where their bank declines to process credit cards for their travel business. These owners and operators know how important it is to process credit cards from their clients. Unfortunately to few customers carry around large amounts of cash and frequently don't use checks anymore. They rely on credit card and debit cards to pay for products and services especially for travel arrangements which can be quite expensive. So therefore as the provider and agency, you know how important is to secure reliable merchant processing services for your business. It affects your bottom line, it affects your profitability. You may not be able to generate any revenue it at all if you are an e-commerce website and need a travel business merchant account and are unable to find a bank that is friendly toward your needs. If you are a new business or an established one, regardless it is mission critical to accept these type of payments from your customers..


We Provide reliable industry friendly services to businesses like yours. We offer solutions that are better suited for travel agents and agencies. If you offer vacation services, package deals, are a tour operator, or a new business or established one we will help you get set up for credit card processing. The process is relatively simple you will need to provide documentation about your business. You also need to fill out an application that spells out your monthly volume your average ticket prices and your high ticket prices. This means quite simply whatever transaction amounts are you going to process and what is the max you expect on a single invoice slip. This is important for the bank to know when they evaluate your business model and the potential risk issues with underwriting your account. No two businesses are like however, so we cannot give you a specific rate until an evaluation of your business and company are completed. Be wary of being quoted rates on other websites without more information about your business. They are likely trying to draw you in and offer unrealistic rates in the hope of getting your contact info. Or you may find yourself approved by a bank only to find yourself dropped later when you discover more details about your company and agency. We are seeing this happen many times where a merchant applies to a competitor, is accepted but is then later dropped weeks or months later and their funds are held. So when you apply for a travel business credit card processing account make sure you know who you are dealing with and also make sure you're not on their prohibited merchant list. In most cases though agencies will fall in to a typical 2 to 3% range in some cases it may be higher and some cases it may be lower. But this ballpark is roughly a good estimate. If you are quoted an unusually low rate know that banks have to cut costs elsewhere to make up for the slim profit they are making on your account. Therefore your services and customer service may be poorer in that regard.

Hospitality Companies

We also help companies like yours get set up with hospitality credit card processing services. This is a broad-based term that can refer to anything related to travel and entertainment such as tour operators, entertainment companies, travel related businesses, hotels and motels, inns, cruise ships, sightseeing tours, expeditions, and anything related to tourism and entertainment. Some banks shy away from these type of industries and are unfriendly towards merchants who are many times small business owners. That's where our company comes in we have knowledgeable staff who can assist you with your retail establishment or your website e-commerce site. If you are an online booking service and sell services through a shopping cart we can assist you with payment gateway provider set up. So if you are having difficulty finding a bank to process your accounts, this information presented to you should help you understand how to get set up for credit card processing at your travel agency. The best way to start a to secure low cheap processing rates is to contact us by phone or email and talk with a friendly knowledgeable agent, who can walk you through the steps and assist you along the way with your setup needs.

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To get started getting set up you will need to fill out some applications and paperwork describing your business. You also need a voided check and a copy of your drivers license. The bank also may request additional documentation such as tax records and bank statements from your checking account. This is not typical for a new business only for large processing volume type of accounts where the bank needs to see financials about your company. In most cases, in all cases a credit check will also be performed. Even if your credit is poor or has issues we can probably help your company get set up. To learn more simply call us and a friendly staff member can discuss with your agency or company needs. Let us present a solution that works for you!

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