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The 21st century is an evolved era where technological advances and innovations are on the rise. As humans gain more and more contact with technology, they move towards reshaping their lives with devices and machines and strive to make it easy to carry out even the mundane, everyday tasks. In our efforts to revolutionize living conditions, we have tapped into the field of commerce as well. The invention of the internet and its swift grasp on the area of commerce has lead towards the creation of ecommerce. Now, more and more people conduct transactions online due to the convenience and speed advantages being offered along with the opportunity to connect across borders.

As people's desire for online availability of services increased, banking services also moved to the online front to cater to their needs. However, the story doesn't end here. Along with banks, other businesses have had to set up an online presence to keep up with the pace of the world. The problem with virtual businesses arises when it comes to accepting money from customers. Banks are willing to facilitate companies in this area by setting up merchant accounts, which make it easy for firms to accept payments made via various channels such as credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, and loyalty programs. However, such merchant services cannot be availed by corporations with low credit scores i.e. those that are high risk. Examples include firearm dealer, telemarketing firms, and credit repair businesses. Even startup companies struggle to acquire merchant accounts from banks that are reluctant to provide them because of no previous credit history of the firm. This brings our business into the merchant services arena.

Our business model is developed to provide credit reparation entities with merchant services including payment processing and setting up payment gateways. We lend support and assistance to growing businesses as well as newly established corporations. Information on the wide range of our firm's services on offer is given below.

Startups and New Businesses Welcome

We have chosen to target credit restoration businesses precisely because they happen to be one of the few enterprises that are associated with possessing a high risk in operation. Banks and other credit card processors, therefore, are the first to turn their backs on such corporations. It is because the industry is historically known to possess a high rate of chargeback.

Why is that so? Well, credit repair businesses serve clients who seek their services because they already happen to be in a tight financial spot. It puts them in a position to become susceptible to initiating chargebacks. Another reason for having a higher chargeback rate and thus being risky to obtain credit is that certain customers look for miracles in their credit scores and there is only so much the company can do for them. Hence, when the results do not match their unrealistic expectations, they begin a dispute and demand charges.

Since payments are tainted with uncertainties and conflicts, banks and other payment processors prefer to stay away from the industry entirely. Sometimes, if you're lucky, a bank may approve your firm and set up a merchant account. However, since it has no experience in the high-risk field, when chargeback rates begin to shoot up (and they do, even with the best firms in the credit repair industry), the account is shut down and your funds are held. In short, when times get rough, these low-risk processors will abandon your business in no time. It is this realization that made our company step into the field - to save you!

Start Accepting Visa, Mastercard, Discover Amex Credit Cards

First of all, we are already aware of the high risk of the industry your firm belongs to, which means we're prepared for the worst of times. We'll be there to get you through it all. Furthermore, our website is user-friendly and easy to navigate with a vast array of options available for you to select. It is frequently updated, and we ensure that our clients receive the best of service at reasonable and transparent rates.

Moreover, we can assure you that waiting for approvals will be a breeze if you choose to acquire our merchant services. Our application process is straightforward as well. In an industry where merchant services are hard to buy, we will offer good packages together with the opportunity to obtain a merchant account that suits your needs perfectly.

Furthermore, along with a merchant account, we provide our customers with two choices: to set up a single payment gateway or to obtain a virtual terminal. The latter will allow your firm to accept payments made via telephone or mobile or in person. The former will allow your customers to pay through ways other than the standard check, such as by using credit cards through a credit repair payment gateway.

Our processing speeds are remarkable, and our processing partners are reliable. This is why we are able to provide your credit restoration company with both domestic and offshore options. For newly founded corporations, it is recommended that a healthy domestic account is first set up. As it so happens, most existing firms opt for the domestic option as well because it is relatively cheap and offers a safe corner for them to retreat to. However, credit repair services are utilized on a global scale. Therefore, for firms with higher dreams, we make it easy to gain an offshore account with multiple currency options. We will make sure that your account is connected to the acquiring bank wherever it is situated. The credit repair industry has great potential and according to us, it would be a shame if the lack of proper merchant services stops firms from establishing in this sector. We saw the opportunity to help another business get off the ground, and we took it! Our company, along with our hardworking employees and cooperative partners, strives every day to facilitate the needs of risky credit restoration entities. Choosing our payment processor gateway services would mean taking a step closer towards achieving growth and success.

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