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Why is your Business Classified this way?

Are you looking to apply for a merchant account for a high risk business? Have you been turned down by the bank, you are a legitimate business owner in a legal business yet, the bank marks your application as denied or declined! What exactly is high risk and why have you been labeled such? Basically how the banks work is they maintain portfolios of merchant and vendors to process credit cards and designate them by classifications on what is the possibilities a merchant will be bad and result in losses. Much like a financial advisor has a portfolio of stocks and some are performers and some are losses, credit card processing companies also maintain portfolios of companies they process for. They want to minimize potential losses and have a poor of profitable accounts.


Fortunately that's where our expertise comes in, we specialize in placing companies with a select few of friendly banks you an apply to either domestically or internationally that process credit cards for your type of industry. We specialize in adult, tobacco, travel, firearms, debt processing, credit repair, high ticket, bad credit, declined or denied merchants, pharmacies, both off-line retailers and Internet e-commerce websites.


We offer solutions for all types of businesses in industries such as adult ecommerce websites, XXX video websites, dating companies, escort services, phone sex, strip clubs and strippers, nude cleaning services, sexually explicit product websites, adult bookstores, porn companies

Travel Agent

We can tackle and place virtually any travel related business such as airline ticket packages, vacations, tour operators, hospitality services, hotels and motels, exotic destinations, new or established businesses OK. We can also work on reducing your credit card processing rates if you are currently processing with another provider. We can also place timeshare businesses as well as vacation rental companies. So if you need travel or hospitality processing services you have are applying at the right place!

Debt Collections

We have great solutions for debt service companies, and credit repair services. We can also help those companies who are newly established or are currently processing with another provider. If you are currently with another merchant company, we can work on reducing your rates and fees to help you save money each month. We can also set you up with a backup account in case your car provider stops processing your industry.

Tobacco & Alcohol

This is one of our easier ones to place if you are an ecig/e-cigarette vendor and need to accept Visa and Mastercard, we can help. If you are a cigar shop or head shop and need to apply for merchant services that's where our expertise and solutions come in. We work closely with banks that are friendly towards your industry. So don't worry you have a great business model and we have banks that will approve you! We can also help with liquor stores and strip clubs that sell liquor. We can help any business involved with spirits, beer, wine, liquor start accepting credit cards from their clients and customers.


We also can help provide solutions for your online pharmacy or nutraceutical vitamin website. We have services and banks that are friendly towards the Pharma industry. We can provide alternative solutions to your bank that recently declined your merchant account. Don't waste your time with a large bank that says they will process your account only later to drop you after a few months of processing and leave you without any revenue processing payment capabilities.


If you have a gun store or sell ammunition for fireworks, you know how difficult it can be defined a bank that will place your type of company. Even though you may have a perfectly legal product you may find it difficult to work with a bank that is friendly towards the gun industry. We will assist you in setting up processing for your retail establishment.

Best Rates Too!

Rates are determined by a variety of factors including are you a new small business or established one, do you have a credit card processing history, what is your own credit score like is it good or bad, and there were also designations and classifications by Visa and MasterCard on business types. Typically most high risk merchants applying will fall in a range of 2 to 3% but in some cases it may go up to four or 5% again it depends on the merchant and the specific business model they have. If you are reviewing multiple providers be cautious about rates posted on their site without knowing your company and business. You could be scammed into signing up with a service provider only to be dropped a few weeks or months later and unable to process credit cards.

Global Solutions

We Are proud to state we offer solutions both USA-based companies and now we offer EU/European solutions for merchants based in countries such as UK, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Germany, Denmark, Greece, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland,Poland, Lithuania and more. We can help companies in these regions in European states help with billing services and payment processing needs. If you are looking to secure a credit card company and you are located in one of these regions or countries we can assist you with your set up and processing needs. Simply call us or email us. We also can help you via Skype and discuss your business model through Skype.
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