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Ecig Vendors

Are you a vendor or business in the electronic tobacco industry looking to process credit cards from your clients? Good news, you landed onthe right page! We specialize in helping businesses like yours get set up for merchant processing services at your retail establishment or your e-commerce website. Our banks are friendly towards industries like yours. And our staff is knowledgeable of the tobacco industry and the issues that arise for seeking out credit card processing services. Most banks labels these businesses as high risk even though they are perfectly legal and perfectly legitimate businesses. They frown upon the tobacco cigarette industry for a morality issues and possibly liabilities they may face if underage purchasers make purchases through your business. Payment providers are often targeted as accessories to those that are in unlawful industries. Therefore many banks are shy and reluctant to process credit card payments for roll your own cigarette, cigar, and e-cigarette companies.

Tobacco Friendly

We have the best solutions available for your industry and business model. There are very few banks that are willing to work with companies in the smoking accessories industry. Fortunately, our staff is knowledgeable about the tobacco electronic industry and finding a billing gateway provider that is willing to accept these type of transactions. So if you are a new cigar shop or a new head shop and need merchant services we can assist you with getting set up to process Visa & Mastercard at your retailer establishment. As you know many consumers don't carry a lot of cash around these days and frequently pull out a credit or debit card to make payment on a purchase. This is just the nature of business nowadays as much as we'd like all of our customers to pay with cash unfortunately this is not the case. So in order to increase our bottom line small businesses know that the ability to process credit card payments is vital to our profitability. If you are an owner or operator of a company that sells products such as Ecigs, pipes, roll your own cigarettes also known as RYOC, smoking accessories such as bongs, Hookahs, and rolling papers for loose tobacco, we can assist you with accepting credit cards from your clients.

Websites & Ecommerce

If you are setting up a new website, and e-commerce shopping cart to process customers orders you will need a way for accepting credit cards on your website. This is obviously very important for an online tobacco business. As the Internet company, you probably have few options, you can accept checks or money orders through the mail and we for them to come but this is an unrealistic business practice for most operators and owners. So the only way to handle this is to sign up with a tobacco friendly credit card processing company. There are two parts to the equation of website processing. The first part is getting established with an actual merchant account number, this is your connection from your business to the visa and MasterCard network. The second part of the equation is a gateway provider, that connects to your website, and facilitates the electronic transaction between your website shopping cart and the payment network. We have solutions to each side of the equation. We work with banks and gateway providers that are friendly towards head shop merchant services. So don't worry, by working with us you are working with a company that understands how e-commerce shopping cart payment systems work. If you were to call a large bank you may be dealing with a sales guy or saleswoman who doesn't really understand your business but is just a telephone operator.  

Age Restrictions

One of the areas that the merchant bank will have an issue with is age restrictions on tobacco. When you ship out your products to your customers you should make sure you require an adult signature on all of your shipments. This can keep you out of legal hot water and avoid investigation on your business. Even though you may think you are shipping to an adult, a checkbox on a website is simply not enough. You will need to get a signature of the recipient as an adult. Fortunately the post office and shipping companies offer this type of option. So when you apply for merchant credit card processing for cigars business make sure you let us know that you employ these type of business practices. It will help us get approval for your account and also keep legal headaches away!

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